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Types Of Photography

10 Types Of Photography

Human Photography

Human Photography

10 Types Of Photography

Types of photographs here as an outline grouping, which helps facilitate us in understanding a photographic work, and not as a classification of patents to produce photO works, Types of photography including Human Photography, Nature Photography, Architectural Photography, Still Life Photography, Journalistic Photography, Aerial Photography, Underwater Photography, Fine Art Photography, Macro Photography, Micro Photography.

1. Human Photography
All of the photos that become the object of the main elements are humans, who can offer value and attractiveness to be visualized. Which includes the category of human photography including Potrait, Human Interest, Stage Photography, Sport, Glamor Photography, and Wedding Photography.

Human Photography

Human Photography (http://bungkul.com/)

a. Portrait is a photo that shows human expression and character in their daily lives. The challenge in making portrait photos is to be able to capture object expressions (mimics, gazes, wrinkles wa] ah) that are able to give an emotional impression and create one’s character.

b. Human Interest is describing human life or
human interactions in daily life and emotional expressions that show humans with the problems of their lives, all of which bring a sense of interest and sympathy for those who enjoy the FOtO.

c. Stage Photography is all photos that show human activities / lifestyles which are part of the culture and world of entertainment to be exploited and become interesting material to be visualized.

d. Sport type of photo that captures interesting and spectacular action
in sports events and matches. This type of photo requires a photographer’s accuracy and speed in capturing
best moment.

e. Glamor Photography Pitu Photography that seeks to capture objects in poses that emphasize curves and shadows. As the name suggests, the purpose of glamorous photography is to portray the model in glamorous light.

f. Wedding Photography is a mixture of photography from various types of photography. A wedding photographer must have expertise in portrait photography, they must also use glamorous photo techniques to capture the best moments and process multiple images with software.

2. Nature Photography
In nature photos, the main objects are natural objects and living things, such as animals, plants, mountains, forests, etc. These categories of nature photography are Flora, Fauna Photos, and Lanskape Photos.

Nature Photography

Nature Photography (https://static.photocdn.pt/)

a) Flora Photos are types of photographs with the main object of plants and plants known as flora photos.

b) Fauna photos are types of photos with various types of animals as the main object. Showing the attraction of the animal world in its activities and interactions.

c) Lanskape photo is a photo of natural landscape consisting of elements of sky, land and water, while humans, animals and plants are only as supporting elements in this photo. Natural expressions and weather are the main moments in assessing the success of making landscape photos.

3. Architectural Photography

Architectural Photography

Architectural Photography (https://foto946.files.wordpress.com/)

This type of photo shows the beauty of a building both in terms of history, culture, design and construction. This architectural photo is inseparable from the world of architecture and engineering 5ipiI so that this photo type becomes quite an important role.

4. Still Life Photography

Still Life Photography

Still Life Photography (http://www.spaingid.com/)

Making drawings of inanimate objects into something interesting and looking “alive”, communicative, expressive and containing the message to be conveyed is the most important part in the creation of this photographic work.

5. Journalistic Photography

Journalistic Photography

Journalistic Photography (https://iso.500px.com/)

is a photo used for press or information purposes. In delivering the message, there must be a caption (writing that explains the contents of the photo) as part of the presentation of this type of photo.

6. Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography (https://www.soocaphoto.com/)

An aerial photographer specializes in taking photographs from the air. Photos can be used for surveys or construction, for photographing birds or weather on film or for military purposes.

7. Water gawah photography

Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography (https://www.tommyschultz.com/)

i.e. Photography which is usually used by scuba divers or snorkelers.

8. Fine Art Photography

Fine Art Photography

Fine Art Photography (https://digital-photography-school.com/)

known as art photography, refers to the branch of photography dedicated to producing photographs for purely aesthetic purposes. Photography on display in museums and galleries, generally associated with the presentation of beautiful objects or ordinary objects in a beautiful way to convey the intensity and emotions.

9. Macro Photography

Macro Photography

Macro Photography (https://www.adorama.com/)

is a kind of photography with close-up shooting. Macro photography objects can be in the form of insects, flowers, grains of water or other objects that when closed up will produce interesting details.

10. Micro Photography

Micro Photography

Micro Photography (https://scontent-sin6-1.xx.fbcdn.net/)

use a special camera and microscope to capture images
Very small object. Most applications of micro photography are best suited for the scientific world in diverse disciplines such as astronomy, biology and medicine.

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