Evolution Of Photography Year By Year

Evolution of Photography Year by Year

Evolution of Photography Year by Year

Year 1039: Created the first camera called Camera Obscura (Dark Room) by Ibn Al Haitam.

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This camera was made because Ibn Al Haitam was the only person who was able to connect between the light source, the lens, and the images produced at the time. He tells us that we can only see when light falls on an object and then bounces into our eyes.

Evolution Of Photography Year By Year
Evolution Of Photography Year By Year (https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/)

Then since 1039, the world of photography is increasingly experiencing development. Many researchers and other experts who helped the development of photography with their experiments. From trying to replace the lens, adding a diaphragm, and making a camera with a lens that can be moved back and forth to find sharpness.

1568: Danielo Barbaro tries to do an experiment using a simple lens to sharpen the projection of shadows that enter through the hole. In his book entitled “La Pratica della Perpettiva”, Danielo then wrote that changing various sizes of diaphragm openings can affect the sharpness of the image.

The history of the evolution of photography in the 17th bada in 1614, Angelo Sala used silver nitrate which was burned by sunlight with paper wrapped. But the discovery was considered less useful by other scientists. In 1717, Johann Heinrich Schulze, a German professor, used a bottle of silver nitrate and lime by accident which was near the window to make it dark with some white so it seemed to make a line on the bottle.

Year 1685-1686: Johan Zahn conducted an experiment by making the obscura camera more portable and portable. In addition, Zahn’s camera is also equipped with a lens that can be moved back and forth and already has a diaphragm and reflective glass to see and control the lens catch from outside the box.

1839: This year a selfie was taken as the oldest selfie. The photo belongs to Robert Cornelius.

1860: James Wallace Black takes his first aerial photography. Not done using drones like now. But using air balloons that fly with a height of 2000 feet.

1877: Louis Arthur Ducos du Houron first sparked a color photo. The aim is to show that the world is not only black and white. The photo taken was in Southern France and later named “Landscape of Southern France.”

1900: Kodak Brownie is launched, which marks the first beginning of the development of portable camera boxes.

1925: First sighting of a narcissistic stick (tongsis) that appears in 1925 in a photograph of Arnold and Helen Hogg.

To get good photos don’t have to be done during the day. At night you can get good photos. But you must know the basic techniques before executing them.

Year 2006: Tongsis was later patented by Wayne Fromm who was later given the name Quick Pod.

Year 2012: The term selfie appeared on September 13, 2012 by Nathan Hope on a site called ABConline.

Selfie is a type of self-image taken by yourself using a digital camera or mobile camera. Often referred to as selfies.

2014: The most phenomenal selfie took place this year. Shows selfies when Oscar awards a total of 3 million retweets on a social media platform, Twitter. The photo came to be known as Oscar Selfie.