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Introduction to Photography Composition Patterns

Photography Irregular Pattern

Photography Irregular Pattern

Introduction to Photography Composition Patterns

Introduction To Photography Composition Patterns

Introduction To Photography Composition Patterns (https://www.photoinsomnia.com/)

Introduction to Photography Composition: Patterns. One important composition in photography is  pattern . Pattern  or commonly called a pattern. This pattern can be interpreted as a repetition technique (repetition) of an object, for example shapes, lines, colors, objects or any object. And repetition may be in a regular or slightly irregular format.

An observant photographer will be able to take advantage of this repetition in a photograph, so the results are not only beautiful but also have an appeal to the eye of the beholder.

There are several  patterns  in photography. This pattern is a repetition of visual elements in a photo and acts as a sweetener. In addition, the pattern can also make the message in a photo feel stronger so that the photo can be more telling. To understand more deeply, here are some  of  these patterns :

Regular Pattern

As the name suggests, this pattern is arranged in an orderly manner. This type of pattern is often encountered in both cities and rural areas. Some things like the arrangement of the keyboard on a laptop, the arrangement of snacks in a stall included in the pattern with regular repetition. Every element that experiences the same repetition is included in this type of pattern.

Regular Pattern Photography

Regular Pattern Photography (https://images.unsplash.com/)

Irregular Pattern

This pattern is one pattern that can provide an interesting visualization. Although in an irregular shape, the subjects that form this pattern can strengthen the photos we produce. Pay attention to the picture below, these irregular hydrophobic bubbles make the photo look charming.

Photography Irregular Pattern

Photography Irregular Pattern (https://graemeocalog.files.wordpress.com/)

Combined Rregular and Irregular Patterns

Can you imagine what kind of photos are produced from this type of  pattern  ? In a photo frame that has this type of pattern, there is more than one pattern. Usually the visual elements of this type have these patterns. An example of   this pattern is the photo below. The visual elements of the photo in the form of sand form the same repetition, while the visual elements of the mountains display  irregular patterns  .

Even so, the combination of the two visual elements that have different patterns still provide a very beautiful appearance right?

Combined Rregular And Irregular Patterns

Combined Rregular And Irregular Patterns (https://images.freeimages.com/)

Breaking Pattern

If the previous patterns show the appearance of elements arranged in a photo frame, this type is not the case. With the existence of a pattern-breaking object, the photo is included in this type. Here is a photo of a person peeling coconuts in a row of coconuts. This type of repetition is usually made so that the photo is more telling.

Breaking Pattern Photography

Breaking Pattern Photography (https://thehhub.com)

When you find an interesting pattern, there are some key things you can do to make it look more dramatic in the photo:

Shooting Angle

The shooting angle  plays an important role when you are photographing patterns, it could be that the rose petals that look flat when you shoot from the side can look very good when you shoot from above, for example. Play around with a few shooting angles until you find the best.

Lens Type / Shooting Distance

The pattern that appears when you slice onions will certainly look very ordinary when you shoot it from a little distance away, but when you use  a macro lens  (or macro mode), and shoot it from a very close distance, everything looks better.

Fill the Frame with Patterns

Yes, there is no other way to dramatize a pattern other than filling the entire frame with it. By filling the entire frame with patterns, there are no other elements that interfere with the eye that sees our photos, so the patterns look more powerful and dramatic.

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