Descriptive Photographs

Kinds of Photography Categories

Kinds of Photography Categories

Position of photographs in a category It is very important in order to read or interpret the photo further in its context. This new category is classified based on how a photograph is made and what the function of the photograph is (Barrett, Terry, 2000, p.54).

According to the photography category: Descriptive photos (descriptive photographs), which explain something (explanatory photographs), Interpretive photographs, Ethical evaluative photographs, Aesthetically valuative photographs, theoretical photographs (theoretical pkwtographs).

1. Descriptive photographs

Descriptive Photographs
Descriptive Photographs (

Photographs of this type accurately describe the object (subject matter) that is represented.

2. Photos that explain something (explanatory photographs)

Explanatory Photographs
Explanatory Photographs (

This type of photo has the nature to explain a phenomenon, an event, which can be visual evidence of a scientific theory, both physical and social sciences (visual sociology and visual anthropology).

3. Interpretive photographs

Interpretive Photographs
Interpretive Photographs (

Unlike scientific photographs which are very objective, interpreta5i photographs are more symbolic, poetic, fictional, dramatic and subjectively interpreted • personally.

4. Ethically evaluative photographs

Ethically Evaluative Photographs
Ethically Evaluative Photographs (

This category includes photographs that contain aspects of social society that must be assessed ethically. These ethical photos generally also carry the mission of enhancing social relations that are built from awareness and concern for differences.

5. Aesthetic Photos (aesthetically evaluative photographs)

Aesthetic Photos
Aesthetic Photos (

This category includes photographs that we commonly refer to as “art photos”, photographs that require aesthetic review and contemplation.

6. Theoretical Photographs

Theoretical Photographs
Theoretical Photographs (

This category includes photographs about photography, photographs about art and the making of works of art, politics of art, photographs of films, models of representation, and theories of photography. This type of photo is usually a kind of reproduction of a work of art.