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The Vanishing Point One-Point Perspective in Photography

Vanishing Point Photo

Vanishing Point Photo

The Vanishing Point One-Point Perspective in Photography

Perspective is how objects look in the eye based on spatial attributes. In fine arts perspective is how to make objects painted on canvas as if they really have a dimension of space.

Vanishing Point Photo

Vanishing Point Photo (https://randallstandridge.com/)

A vanishing point perspective means a perspective picture that occurs when an object is seen with a central line of sight perpendicular to one of its surfaces, or where the plane of the image is connected to a point called a vanishing point or vanishing point.

To facilitate understanding of the following perspectives we divide perspectives in several compositions.

Here are the basic compositions in photography:

1. The Golden Ratio
2. Rules Of Thirds
3. Perspective
4. Framing

But in the discussion this time, we will discuss more about perspective.

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In the context of dimensions, perspectives are categorized into sections:

1. Aerial Perspectives

Aerial Perspectives

Aerial Perspectives (https://s.yimg.com/)

b. Linear Perspective

Linear Perspective

Linear Perspective (https://live.staticflickr.com/)

c. The one point perspective where two parallel lines meet at one point disappears to one side.
d. The two-point perspective occurs when the eye is confronted with a flat cube whose vertical lines and horizontal are parallel to the edges of the image.

One of the most effective ways to give perspective to photos is to use vanishing points. Named the vanishing point because it is as if an object, the more backward its position will diminish its shape. For example, when photographing the road it will look smaller and narrower so as to give the impression of great distances.

With the missing point in the photo we take, then when people see the photo usually their eyes will automatically follow the line and go to the end of the line.

In general, this vanishing point can often be found when photographing photo objects in the form of bridges, roads, passageways, or tunnels. Sometimes when we take pictures, it is often not thinking about the composition in the field we are photographing, but by learning about the composition of photographs, it becomes easier for us to determine the angle or a good angle of shooting. But of course it’s not limited to just that, learn to train your eyes to see the perspective of the vanishing points around you.

The steps to strengthen perspective in photography are several ways:

1. Choose the point of view that shows a certain distance, especially on the object that is in front and the object that is behind in the photo.
2. Use a wide lens to create a linear perspective, so as to create a long and wide distance between the object in front and the rear object.
3. Adjust the lighting so that the object in front is brighter than the object in the back row.
4. It would be a good idea if at certain distances you place objects that have common measurements that can be recognized by everyone.
5. Make the focus of the photo decrease slowly until the background becomes less sharp than the foreground object.

The vanishing point perspective is done by playing the angle so that the main subject appears as a point of interest in the photo. The placement of point of interest serves to make photos more attractive so that they are easier to translate.

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